Way too many people automatically assume that the modeling or acting industries are designed for the young and vibrant. People feel that to forge a career in these industries and become successful you must possess perfect physical features. Whilst there is a certain degree of truth in that, it is not entirely correct. Yes, your appearance will be taken into account, but there are a variety of different jobs that demand different types of people.

Now, this brings me on to whether it is possible for senior citizens to still enjoy a fruitful venture into acting or modelling. Of course it is possible, and this is highlighted by the presence of so many senior citizens in TV commercials, films, advertisements and on billboards. You see, while one client may require a young and perfect-looking individual for a modern shoot, another client may need a senior citizen to represent a grandparent in a film.

So many people just associate the industries with photo shoots. That is extremely narrow-minded, as wherever there is a camera there is a need for a model or actor, and cameras aren’t just used for photo shoots. Like I’ve just touched on, you wouldn’t be able to source a 21 year old female to play the role of a 65 year old grandma in a film.

In addition, you’ve probably heard the saying ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’. When it comes to acting or modeling, you tend to land jobs through your network, so building a bigger network of people within the industries is vital. Now, senior citizens who have been involved with acting or modeling throughout the years will have had plenty of time to build up their network of peers.

Subsequently, they would have had chance to acquire crucial experience. This is another reason why senior citizens will also be in demand – their experience. A client may need an individual who has be a part of many films, TV commercials or advertisements to represent a relaxed and calm figure. What better than someone who has been involved with them for decades!?

Furthermore, there will ALWAYS be a need for senior citizens in the modeling or acting industry. Let me tell you why… even if a senior citizen doesn’t play a major role or be involved heavily in the shoot, clients tend to need older role models who can provide advice and guidance to the younger members.

Someone who has been there and done it will be able to enhance the skillset and knowledge of someone who is just starting their journey. This is great for a client, as they will not only have the expertise of a senior individual, but they’ll also have a younger actor or model that is being given information that will allow them to thrive.

Ultimately, whether it is a specific role just designed for a senior citizen, or if it is their experience or knowledge that is needed; it is never too late to become a model or actor!